Speaking to the press

This online training course brings together all the information you will need to take on your role as a spokesperson at XR actions or events.

Good communication with the press is fundamental to ensure maximum visibility for our actions. A spokesperson also has the important role of communicating in a clear and concise manner the messages that the movement wants to convey to the public. This work requires preparation and a few tricks are useful to know. This training’s goal will be to provide you with the tools you need to improve your communication with the press.

The training lasts approximately 3h (incl a break!) and deals with the following topics:

  • Press-worthiness

  • Pitching an action to journalists

  • Reviewing an Interview

  • Preparing and practicing an Interview

NL training: 14/3; 19h30-22h30 - subscribe by sending an e-mail to samson_gert@protonmail.com

[In case your local group is interested in a dedicated press training for an upcoming action, please let us know at samson_gert@protonmail.com]

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